Friday, September 14, 2012

The Joys of Jury Duty

It's my civil duty...
It's times like these that I'm so happy that I can entertain myself for hours drawing. As I sat there in my small uncomfortable little chair of doom, with a crowd of 100 smashed into our waiting cell (cleverly named Juror Room) I couldn't help but watch my fellow cell mates. Poor individuals left to their own devices; re-reading the sports section for the third time, endlessly fiddling with their coats, jewelry, even indulging in the supplied stash of ages puzzles. I know this feeling, a restlessness to find something to preoccupy my sense to avoid awkward sleep. It's called "damn I forgot my sketch book", or "shoot how did I forget a pen!" Thankfully I have this ability to fall into a little story with just a stroke of a pencil. An ability that occupied my childhood brain for hours on end.
So I want to thank you Jury Duty for the two characters you are responsible for producing for my Rabbit Season story.
Meet Beau. A "well fed" ex house pet floppy eared bunny. Being new to this whole "freedom" thing he's a lil disheveled and has yet to get the hang of things, but he means well.

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