Wednesday, March 2, 2011

So this week has been a little less stressful . . . so TADA!  A POST!

I finally signed up for my LAST 4 classes!!!  I'm so excited (and scared) about graduating.  I felt like this last semester would never come :)
So one of the classes I signed up for involves building a portfolio consisting of 30 paintings.  Sounds intense, so I figured I would get started early and try to post my works in progress.

So here is the first drawing stage of a painting for this semester.  I'm going to try to do this in the technique of the old masters, minus grisaille because I despise it.

Grisaille is a black and white underpainting to help set up and structure the values and forms of a painting.  I just learned this a week ago and I personally prefer doing a burnt umber underpainting.  It seems to transition into color better for me so hopefully all goes well with this painting.

Once I've started the color layers I'm going to do a series of glazes to help build depth.  So here's the start to a long journey!

So I finally did a painting with turquoise like I have been itching to do for the past month.  Sadly it didn't turn out the way I wanted it to :/  It quickly turned into a project I had to rush to get done for class instead of the intricate time consuming painting I was
intending it to be . . .
So I'm just going to toss it aside until I have time to give it the TLC it
needs to hopefully get better!

I've always loved weather beaten bronze and I was trying to go for that effect with this painting
before I had to cut it short.  While I was looking up bronze references I came across an 
abstract artist that I have never seen before.

His name is Andy Hahn 

Seeing his work makes me want to use more red in my abstract work.  Maybe I'll play around with 
rusted metals and see what I can find :)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Wow, 2 posts in one day.  This is some kind of record for me!

So I just heard this quote and I thought that it was beautiful and wanted to share it with whomever actually reads my blog . . .

"Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds
long to play with your hair"

So I am obviously a negligent blog owner.  Thankfully I don't have to feed this blog or else it would die!  So far this semester has been more interesting than any semester I've had.  My teachers are very informative and I'm trying different techniques I've never done before.

Its definitely something new for me!  I'm actually painting abstract pictures and I like it!  Who knows if they're any good but its very liberating to paint so loose and carefree.  I am so used to painting "realism", so this is a big change.  I was listening to Stan Getz when I painted this one.  If anyone wants to try to paint abstract some jazz is a great mood setter, lol.
I'm still not sure which way to present this, I keep turning it to make up my mind.

The color isn't showing up right, its a lot more vibrant in person

The next week I attempted a similar style with this one.  The color shows up better on this one

Never mind about the color, once it uploaded it looks much more faded than it does in person . . .
Oy, why does this have to be so difficult!

So one of my favorite teachers just had a gallery opening.  He is a brilliant artist and this show just blew me away-

His name is Kevin Moore and I highly recommend you go and check his show out if you're in San Francisco and you have the chance.  
This entire show is about space and time.  Kevin would walk around with a camcorder and record his daily life, then piece together the images he collected all into one scene.  The picture about is time lapse of him painting his wife at his home.

It was a fantastic opening and a truly beautiful night

So back to school-
I am currently taking a class called Quick Studies.  Sounds harmless enough, but this class is intense!  My entire "art career" I have been instructed to take my time with my work.  Make sure the under drawing is precise, the shadows are laid in correctly, the values are mapped out, etc.  And along with all these instructions we were constantly reminded to take our time, there was no need to rush. 

Now that we've all had this hammered into our brains suddenly we're being instructed to paint as quick as possible.  Have the drawing done within 3 minutes, get the shadow shapes in under 2 minutes, hurry hurry hurry!  Its so mentally exhausting . . . and fun!  Its as if I like to torture myself because everyone else in my class seems to hate it :)

These were my very first paintings done in 20 minutes.  They are horrible but I figured I might as well share them.  Thankfully the ones I finished yesterday were better, but I don't want to jinx it!

Moving right along, I was also commissioned for a mural!  Its nothing huge 5X8 feet.  Whenever I say mural people seem to assume that it is a huge painting on the side of a building.  There's no way I could handle that! 

This mural is for a young boy in his bedroom.  The parents want his name to be done in graffiti

Here is a rough color study of how it should turn out.  I can't wait to get started!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wow, sorry for completely forgetting about this blog!  I'm still not even sure if anyone has seen my blog yet, but hopefully at least one person has . . .
So my computer's X-mas present to me was to up and die, which was a wonderful surprise.  But thankfully the people at the Mac store fixed it SUPER quick, they were amazing.  So now that it's all fixed HOPEFULLY I can remember to post on here!

I've been working on some illustrations for a child's book and designing tattoos - So props to me for actually doing something artistic during my break.  As a friend of mine said, "My breaks usually consist of different versions of sitting on my ass."  Which is so true, but at least I'm sitting on my ass and drawing, woot woot!

Here's a tattoo design I did for a friend of mine.  The color is dulled but the tattoo turned out great!  I've designed around 10 tattoos so far, maybe one day I'll muster up enough courage to actually learn how to tattoo . . . but until they invent an instant tattoo eraser I'm going to stay far away from that idea

Since my winter break is in full swing I've been neglecting my paints . . . as usual.  But lately I've been getting the itch to randomly paint something.

For the past 6 months I've been slightly obsessed with turquoise.  Especially if its more on the green side.  For some reason I gravitate toward anything this color and it just puts me in this euphoric state.  Probably has something to do with this color reminding me of tropical get-aways and the fact that it has been ridiculously cold here lately.  I have a few ideas of some abstract pieces using galkyd that would finally let me use this color.  Now I just have to get around to actually starting it . . . lets be honest, that might take awhile . . .

This semester I've been trying different techniques of painting portraits and I started doing some in watercolor, with ink and acrylic.  And for some reason every face I paint has it's eyes closed . . . maybe its a sign I need to get more sleep -_-

That's all I have at the moment, I'm going to try to post more tomorrow . . . so we'll see!