Thursday, April 10, 2014


Just a quick lil post! Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' video for Thrift Shop came on tv the other day for the millionth time, but this time I saw the opening sequence and thought "OoO!  That would be fun to illustrate!"  So I did!

macklemore and ryan lewis thrift shop illustration

Now back to the 10 other pieces I have randomly started before I was distracted by shinny things!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Adventures in Bristol!

I happened upon an enjoyably interesting article on the Huffington Post today that talked about things that creative people do differently.  Here is a link to the article if you want to have a peek!

One of the bullet points was PEOPLE WATCHING and it dawned on me, "I haven't done that in months!  I need to people watch/draw today!"  So down to Barnes and Noble I went armed with watercolors and a Bristol pad.  After a couple hours of daydreaming and people stalking I left with these little beauties!

watercolor illustrations starbucks

The two Baristas working the Starbucks Coffee counter, they were definitely the most entertaining of the people I saw today.  Michael was cracking me up with the random things he was saying to customers.
watercolor illustrations starbucks barista

The old man sitting next to me patiently waiting for his wife to finish looking at the magazines

watercolor illustrations funny

And a fellow daydreamer admiring the people outside.

watercolor illustration daydreamer

I've been so wrapped up in learning new things on photoshop that I've almost forgotten how much fun it is to go out in public and really observe the people around me.  I will definitely try to make this a more frequent exercise!

Now back to Paparazzi Princess illustrations!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Paparazzi Princess- Belle

It's time for our next princess!  This week for Paparazzi Princesses- Disney Princesses Without Makeup I give you

Disney's Beauty and the Beast was released in 1991, a time of rad patterns and fresh beats!  So of course Belle, being the beauty that she is, would promote and model Walt Disney's Casual Wear line of clothing.  Both hip and comfortable to wear around the Beast's castle for a girl that loves to dance!

disney beauty and the beast belle illustration

disney princess belle

And nothing says fun like rockin a Bartman comfy tied off tee!

Belle is definitely now a girl on the go with her new found fame and wedding in her new castle to plan.  A beauty like this needs some sugar and her favorite books on cassette so that she doesn't miss a beat!

disney princess without makeup belle illustration

Tune in next week for Jasmine!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Paparazzi Princesses- Cinderella

Next installment of Paparazzi Princesses- Disney Princesses Without Makeup!


There's no denying that Cinderella was the ultimate "housewife".  This is fitting considering that Disney's Cinderella was released in early 1950, she was clearly a victim of her time.  So I decided to stay with the 50's theme for her installment.  I found a bunch of ads that reflected the gender roles of the time (inappropriate according today's standards), but couldn't pass up this one as inspiration

disney cinderella 1950 ad illustration

This could easily be offensive, that is probably why it caught my eye.  So lets take this as lighthearted as possible.

Being a celebrity, it's only natural that Cinderella would pose for household cleaning products ads... In this case for Bab-O Cleanser with Bleach!

disney cinderella 1950 ad illustration

Just because you're a Disney Princess doesn't mean everything is photo shoots and parties.  Cinderella's allergies are really hitting her hard this year.

disney cinderella princess without makeup illustration

10 + years of dusting your evil stepmother's mansion can take it's toll on your sinuses ...

Tune in next week for Belle!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Paparazzi Princesses- Ariel

Over the weekend during the football game I got suckered into coloring Disney Princesses with a 6 year old.  I'm not going to lie, I loved it.  A friend of mine started joking while she colored Belle, "You should draw up these princesses without makeup!"

Thank you for the awesome idea Ashlee! She creates the most beautiful natural light photography, please take a minute to have a look at her work! Her website - Sincere Snapshots - click to link

Ok back to the Princesses!  I had 4 hours to stall today so I decided to get started.
I decided to call this series Paparazzi Princesses- Disney Princesses Without Makeup. 

I absolutely LOVE Disney, and I figured I would start off with my favorite Princess Ariel!

disney's the little mermaid ariel

Each Princess' "glamor" photo will be as we are used to seeing them, flowing hair, perfect makeup, and a smile of glowing royalty. 

disney's the little mermaid ariel without makeup
Their "paparazzi" snagged photo will be of them being caught in the act of being normal women doing normal things.  Like in Ariel's case ... getting coffee.

I can imagine these photos being in "PEOPLE of the Happiest Place on Earth" magazine.
"Ariel was seen coming out of Starfish Coffee on her way to film a scene in her new movie Love's Undercurrent, coming summer 2014.

I'm going to try and be productive and do one princess a week.  Tune in next week for Cinderella!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Let It Snow

Just a lil quick post of a quick doodle I did after visiting the snow this past weekend!  Happy winter!

let it snow illustration
Let it snow winter illustration

Monday, December 16, 2013

An Audrey Autumn

Well it's been a busy month again!

I've been working non-stop on both a Gatsby Gala flyer/postcard for Berkeley City Club's upcoming Gatsby Gala this February and putting the finishing touches on Arlene Taylor's Tyler Loves Tape children's book illustrations...
I'm so happy to be so busy!  But I needed to take a break and draw something completely random and unrelated to anything I had been working on.  It has been pouring rain the past couple days and I couldn't resist.  So I introduce to you an Autumn Audrey

audrey hepburn autumn illustration
audrey hepburn illustration

And here is the Berkeley City Club's Gatsby Gala Flyer!  Dates are subject to change

The berkeley city club gatsby gala illustration
the great gatsby illustration

Ok!  Now back to work!