Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Let It Snow

Just a lil quick post of a quick doodle I did after visiting the snow this past weekend!  Happy winter!

let it snow illustration
Let it snow winter illustration

Monday, December 16, 2013

An Audrey Autumn

Well it's been a busy month again!

I've been working non-stop on both a Gatsby Gala flyer/postcard for Berkeley City Club's upcoming Gatsby Gala this February and putting the finishing touches on Arlene Taylor's Tyler Loves Tape children's book illustrations...
I'm so happy to be so busy!  But I needed to take a break and draw something completely random and unrelated to anything I had been working on.  It has been pouring rain the past couple days and I couldn't resist.  So I introduce to you an Autumn Audrey

audrey hepburn autumn illustration
audrey hepburn illustration

And here is the Berkeley City Club's Gatsby Gala Flyer!  Dates are subject to change

The berkeley city club gatsby gala illustration
the great gatsby illustration

Ok!  Now back to work!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Disney Cards & More!

It's time to get the ball rolling on this blog!  I've been busy making cards, some with 3-D aspects, some just good 'ol fashioned digital painting (haha).  Figured it was time to share them!

This first card was for a baby shower/garden tea party.  All she asked for was for it to be filled with different shades of pink!  So I thought I would give it an "Alice in Wonderland" kind of feel yet keep it doused in pink.  So it became a Happy Unbirthday for their soon to be expected baby girl, equipped with all the tea pots and tea time amenities you'll ever need!

disney's alice in wonderland tea party card

Here is the actual card minus their personal info!

alice in wonderland tea party watercolor

Next up ... another baby shower card!  For this baby boy's card I wanted to give his family a piece of my favorite scene in Disney's "Dumbo". 

This image is actually 3 separate layers, the back circle, dumbo/tub, and bubbles.  He also has clear reflective water droplets on his cheeks but they aren't showing up in these photos.

disney dumbo

disney dumbo

And a lil closer ...

disney dumbo card

I absolutely love this card . . . I think I might make it again just so I can have one!


And yet ANOTHER baby shower card!  This time for a baby girl in October, so I decided to give her family a blustery day with Disney's "Winnie the Pooh".  The leaves on this card are separately attached to give it some dimension.

disney winnie the pooh and the blustery day


And now for a card that ISN'T for a baby shower, but a WEDDING!  I wanted to give them a lil romantic card so I put them on a swing, perched like two little love birds

And last but not least... a Birthday card!  I always want Birthday cards to be light and whimsical, so why not a sea horse blowing out the candle on his bubble cake!

seahorse watercolor birthday card
sea horse watercolor card

Now to get to work on some new stuff...  I'm thinking about a couple little paintings of my Adventures in Domestic Life!  Cause so far it has been hilarious to say the least ...

Til next post... Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 18, 2013

A Surreal Day In September

Wow it's been so long since I've posted anything!  I'd like to think I have an excuse... so lets see if this counts.  Joe and I got married this past September, and being the overachiever that I am bit off more then I could chew and decided to hand make a lot of the details of our wedding...

For starters here are the invitations I made!

summer wedding handmade invitations handmade bouquet unique invitations unique bouquets paper flowers wildwood acres resort wedding unique corsage unique boutonniere neverland wedding

unique wedding invitations

unique handmade wedding invitations

Since our venue was outdoors under a tree canopy we wanted the invitations to posses the same Neverland/Mumford&Sons vibe our wedding had about it.  I've been obsessing about mid century design for a good year now and Joe has always been a fan of the aesthetics of the 50's, so wanted our invitations to have some of those retro qualities while still illustrating the ethereal undertones that our venue Wildwood Acres Resort is best known for. 

Aside from the invitations for our 150 guests (so much for the small wedding we wanted!) I couldn't find flowers that had the look I was going for . . . lets just say I'm a lil particular.  But can you blame me!  Plus on top of that I found out 3 weeks before the wedding that Joe's Best Man has severe allergies.  Even though he said that he was going to double up on his medicine I wasn't ok with the thought of sticking a flower boutonniere right under his nose!

So I decided to MAKE all the bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres out of paper!  Everyone kept commenting on how nice it is that my bouquet was nice and light weight... no bulging muscles while I walked down the isle that day PLUS a sneezing free Best Man!

wedding paper neverland flowers

wedding paper neverland bouquet

unique wedding paper neverland flower boutonniere

unique wedding neverland paper flower bouquets

wedding bouquet paper flowers

unique handmade wedding bouquets

unique handmade wedding boutonniere

unique wedding paper flowers

unique handmade neverland paper flowers

groom wedding paper flower boutonniere

unique handmade wedding bouquet

Now that I am slowly getting settled in my new life I can finally get going on all the art ideas I had swimming around in my head for months!  This is proving to be a good year!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Cafe Racer Kind of Summer

Been a little bummed about not being able to go riding since I wrecked my Triumph . . . 

Ironically enough I started this piece before my moment of idiot and felt like finishing it today.

I was watching a documentary on the cafe racers in England back in the 50's and figured I'd use that as fuel for this piece (no pun intended).  One of the popular hangouts was on this soot ridden motorway, so why not incorporate this iconic atmosphere.  What is a motorcycle without some grime? 

cafe racer illustration

 I've been super busy working on illustrations for a children's book by Arlene Taylor called Tyler Loves Tape.  Hopefully it will be up and running by January!

Here is my design for the Teacher.

giraffe illustratoin

Also completed the save the date flyer for an upcoming art show at Berkeley City Club in January.

berkeley city club illustration

 It's been a busy month...

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Wedding Invitation

Here's a little preview of the wedding invitations I'm designing.  Let the invitation construction commence!

wedding invitation design

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Introducing- Peter's Lost Boys

Been super busy this past week so I stretched this out longer then I wanted BUT here they ARE! The rough drawing for Peter Pan's squad of Lost Boys.

Peter Pan Lost Boys

Might still tweak a few things, then it's on to color! To draw these boys stagnant would be a crime, so they'll definitely be battling something in their next appearance

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

On The Town

I've been a little obsessed with musicals lately... so here is a little flamboyance for you!

The past couple weeks has been a cluster of different medias for me.  Went out for an afternoon and messed around very primitively with water color and ink again

Also been messing around with charcoal again... back to BASICS!

 Working on the rest of J.M. Barrie's Lost Boys, so expect them soon!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Peter Pan And The Lost Boys

Started illustrating Peter's Lost Boys . . . Here's a rough draft of Slightly
peter pan lost boys slightly fox j.m. barrie peter and wendy

Hopefully I can find time this month to finish the rest of the characters and some environments!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Save the Date Mugshot-

So I'm designing our "Save The Date" cards and first came up with this ...

Then decided why be conventional?  So I came up with this!

I'm likin this idea better!