Friday, September 7, 2012

Character Makin Machine

    Well I've been busy!  I can actually say that I finally wrapped my head around what a blog is for . . . 2 years later.  I still don't understand why it was so hard for me to comprehend, but hopefully it sticks this time.

   So I've been focusing mainly on photoshop these past few months and the past couple weeks I've been a character making machine, and I love it!

   This was just a little idea I built off of my typical childhood fantasies.  I always saw hollowed out trees and knotted roots as potential homes for little animals, equipped with miniature doors, windows, door knobs, the works.  It would have definitely made my backyard more colorful at night with all of their little candle lit windows.

   While trying to come up with some story concepts I raided my animation collection.  I started to play with the Looney Tunes idea of rabbit season and how Bugs would always out smart his hunter.  So I started building off of this and came up with a Hillbilly bunny Everette who after years of hiding and maneuvering escape every season decides to fight back this year . . . more poetically said then done.
  I am actually kind of falling in love with this little story and hope I can find enough time to flesh it out before things get to crazy!

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