Monday, September 24, 2012


So I was looking through my portfolio the other day and had a little "Oh" moment.  I obviously have a, shall we say, plethora of animal characters.  I needed to start drawing humans, but what?

Well thank you downtown traffic!  I was attempting to get across town through our newly renovated downtown, listening to music, completely zoning out when I realized the truck in front of me.  Well, being the strange artist that I am I didn't necessarily notice the truck, more the shape of the young man's head driving the truck.  Sounds strange I know, but he had the classic Norman Rockwell shaped head in my opinion . . . so I attempted to sneak a picture

Attempt is the perfect word cause I completely failed.  It was blurry and he turned his head.  BUT I still had his adorable shaped head imprinted in my brain . . . So today I decided to get to work and draw some characters.

So low and behold . . . Levi.  I figured to go for a more classic 50's look, possibly because I have Rockwell on the mind, and just because I feel the 50's was visual epitome of juvenile innocence on the cusp of rebellion.  But what young 50's generation teenager is complete for his evening downtown cruise without a date.

So hello Lola!  Honestly if I was behind a couple and their silhouettes looked like theirs I would definitely take a successful photo cause I think this is adorable.  But that could just be me

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