Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Paper Fiend

Just wanted to post a lil update on what I've been working on this past month.  What started out as wedding and baby shower cards has now become a full blown production!

I'll be participating in an alumni art show for Academy of Art University in SF this upcoming fall (I'll include details in a later post) and decided that I wanted to take my cards to the next level... FRAMES! Shocking, I know.

No matter how much my fingers hurt I am addicted to this method!  My over enthusiastic self wanted to enter 5 pieces in this style but seeing that the entry deadline is July 23rd I may have to limit myself to just 3, but I don't think my stubborn side will let me surrender like that.  We'll have to see!

Here are some snap shots of my process.  I'll have another post when they're all shinny and finished :)

watercolor puppy daughter bakery illustration

watercolor puppy illustration bakery birds art
mermaid lagoon watercolor illustration art

mermaid lagoon watercolor j.shari.ewing jennifer ewing illustration

Of course there has to be a mermaid :)

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