Thursday, December 3, 2015

What A Month!

     Holy moley what a month it has been!  Exciting and jam-packed with work!  So lets get to it.

For starters two books came out this month.

First one the AMAZING Going to Disneyland - A Guide for Kids & Kids at Heart by Shannon Willis Laskey.

Where do I begin on how amazing this book is... besides the fact that it is full of little facts and secrets about Disney and Disneyland.  I couldn't put it down.  The design is fun and creative, the facts are intriguing, and the featured artists' work is perfect!  Here is a little list :

Mary Blair (of course)
Chris Buchholz
Sam Carter
Scott Cocking
Rolly Crump (incredible, as per usual)
Lindsay Gibson
Marisa Lerin
Adrian Mentus
Heather Mettra
Kolby Ratigan
W. Jason Weesner
Steve Willis
And YOURS TRULY of course!

Here is a little peek of the book

going to guides going to disneyland a guide for kids and kids at heart

going to disneyland a guide for kids and kids at heart sneak peek

going to disneyland sneak peek

Here are the two pieces I have featured in the book.

First the Neverland 3-D paper/watercolor piece I made

disney peter pan watercolor neverland illustration j shari ewing jennifer ewing

And this Pirates of The Caribbean watercolor I made specially for this book!

pirates of the caribbean captains quarters watercolor painting art jennifer ewing j shari ewing

Rolly Crump even wrote a review for it... I mean c'mon!

"There aren't enough adjectives to describe this incredibly creative book, designed bu a fantastically creative artist.  For starters, it's UNIQUE, IMAGINATIVE, WHIMSICAL, EDUCATIONAL, CHILDLIKE, THOUGHT PROVOKING, INTERESTING, DELIGHTFUL and obviously a labor of love.  It's a wonderful 'memory' book for any and all that visit Disneyland.  What more can I say - I LOVE IT!!!"
----- Rolly Crump, former Imagineer and Disney Legend

     The Second book release this month has been the long awaited Tyler Loves Tape by Arlene Taylor.  I have been working with Arlene on this book for the past year.  It is an adorable story about the fun and adventures of a little octopus names Tyler and his preschool friends.  This adventure is with tape and all the wonderful things they can create.  It is so sweet an innocent, the perfect little book for our little imaginative ones!

Some more sneaky peeks!

Tyler loves tape illustration childrens book j shari ewing

tyler loves tape book illustration animals art jennifer ewing j shari ewing

tyler loves tape childrens book illustration jennifer ewing j shari ewing

tyler loves tape book illustration jennifer ewing j shari ewing

Stay tuned for the next post of the 3-D paper/watercolor pieces I've been working on!

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