Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Adventures in Bristol!

I happened upon an enjoyably interesting article on the Huffington Post today that talked about things that creative people do differently.  Here is a link to the article if you want to have a peek!

One of the bullet points was PEOPLE WATCHING and it dawned on me, "I haven't done that in months!  I need to people watch/draw today!"  So down to Barnes and Noble I went armed with watercolors and a Bristol pad.  After a couple hours of daydreaming and people stalking I left with these little beauties!

watercolor illustrations starbucks

The two Baristas working the Starbucks Coffee counter, they were definitely the most entertaining of the people I saw today.  Michael was cracking me up with the random things he was saying to customers.
watercolor illustrations starbucks barista

The old man sitting next to me patiently waiting for his wife to finish looking at the magazines

watercolor illustrations funny

And a fellow daydreamer admiring the people outside.

watercolor illustration daydreamer

I've been so wrapped up in learning new things on photoshop that I've almost forgotten how much fun it is to go out in public and really observe the people around me.  I will definitely try to make this a more frequent exercise!

Now back to Paparazzi Princess illustrations!

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