Wednesday, March 2, 2011

So this week has been a little less stressful . . . so TADA!  A POST!

I finally signed up for my LAST 4 classes!!!  I'm so excited (and scared) about graduating.  I felt like this last semester would never come :)
So one of the classes I signed up for involves building a portfolio consisting of 30 paintings.  Sounds intense, so I figured I would get started early and try to post my works in progress.

So here is the first drawing stage of a painting for this semester.  I'm going to try to do this in the technique of the old masters, minus grisaille because I despise it.

Grisaille is a black and white underpainting to help set up and structure the values and forms of a painting.  I just learned this a week ago and I personally prefer doing a burnt umber underpainting.  It seems to transition into color better for me so hopefully all goes well with this painting.

Once I've started the color layers I'm going to do a series of glazes to help build depth.  So here's the start to a long journey!

So I finally did a painting with turquoise like I have been itching to do for the past month.  Sadly it didn't turn out the way I wanted it to :/  It quickly turned into a project I had to rush to get done for class instead of the intricate time consuming painting I was
intending it to be . . .
So I'm just going to toss it aside until I have time to give it the TLC it
needs to hopefully get better!

I've always loved weather beaten bronze and I was trying to go for that effect with this painting
before I had to cut it short.  While I was looking up bronze references I came across an 
abstract artist that I have never seen before.

His name is Andy Hahn 

Seeing his work makes me want to use more red in my abstract work.  Maybe I'll play around with 
rusted metals and see what I can find :)

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  1. well well Jen, nice bob...I mean job! Wish I had the artistic skill you have. Heres wishing you great success!